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Marlins still making waves

So the Marlins are out on Pujols, despite a ten-yr. offer.

Is Pujols really 31? Even if that, ten years is too much. If he’s really 34 or so, then a ten-yr. offer is insane.

But apparently Miami is also out on Fielder. Fielder, younger, may make more sense but it appears the Marlins, after being spurned by Albert, seek more pitching. There are rumors of a six-yr. deal being tossed at Wilson by both Miami AND the Angels.

They did land LHP Mark Buehrle today (I’ll admit, I wanted Buehrle on the Yanks, but apparently the Yanks didn’t want to go more than two years. Buehrle got $58M/4 yr.). This reunites Buehrle with his old mgr., Ozzie Guillen. Buehrle, who has thrown two no-no’s (one a perfecto) was 13-9, 3.59 this past season, ERA+ 117. For his career, he’s 161-119, 3.83, ERA+ 120, 162 g. ave. 15-11, 3.83. Solid. He’ll be 33, and if I were Cashman, I’d have offered him 2 yr., $30mm. Nothing more. Of course, I don’t know what $$$$ Cash has to deal with. Buehrle got 4 yr., $58MM. I don’t think Cashman wants to go into that 2014 CBA . Meaning nothing (outside of present contracts) into 2014.

The Yankees did win a posting fee on a Japanese SS, Hiroyuki Nakajima. Twitter has reports of him being a good bat, but poor glove despite a recent GG in Japan. The Yanks posting fee of $2mm was enough. They are looking at him and Nunez for the utility inf. spot. Nakajima’s last four years in Japan were: .331-21-81, .309-22-92, .314-20-93 and this past year’s .297-16-100 (21 SB). We don’t know if the pop will translate, but it’s nice pop if it does. The Yanks now have 30 days to sign him.

Huston Street was dealt by the Rox to SD. Street was 1-4, 3.86, 29 saves for Colorado in 2011. He is just 28 but has 178 career saves, 30-21, 3.11, ERA+ 143. He was the 2005 ROY with the A’s.

SD meanwhile, DFA’d Jeremy Hermida.

Could Jimmy Rollins be going back to the Phils? It appears so. As does K-Rod to Milwaukee, where he would be one very expensive setup man.

So now Miami is looking to deal Hanley Ramirez because he had a snit fit about being moved from SS to 3B. He is coming off a bad year, and has had a history of showing up his mgr. Great talent, great asshole.
Grow up, Hanley.

For the record, I saw Hanley Ramirez play for AA when he was a Boston farmhand. I saw great talent. Too bad he progressed into a jackass.

Erik Bedard to the Pirates. Bedard was 5-9, 3.62 combined for Sea/Bos. ERA+ 110. Bedard has never given 200 IP in his career, only once has he given 30 starts in a season. Pass.

Guillermo Mota back to SF. He was 2-2, 3.81 for them in 2011, ERA + 94. Career 39-44, 3.91, ERA+ 106. He is 38.

David Ortiz accepts arbitration from Boston. He did hit .309-29-96 in 2011, OPS+ 154, but he is 36.

Rumors are that the Phils would deal prospect Domonic Brown for Gio Gonzalez of the A’s. Gio would make that rotation … ugh.

For Gonzalez, the A’s wanted Montero as a start…

The Angels are about to sign LaTroy Hawkins. Hawkins, soon to be 39, was 3-1, 2.42, ERA+ 162 in 2011. For his career, he is 63-85, 4.48, ERA+ 104 w/87 saves.

UPDATE: K/ROD accepts Milw. arb. offer. Meaning he’ll be the most expensive setup guy ever.

Tim McCarver, who had a long playing career (and was 2nd in MVP voting to teammate Orlando Cepeda in 1967), was elected to the HOF as a broadcaster. (The Ford C. Frick Award).

DeWayne Wise, who saved Buehrle’s perfecto with a great catch, is about to sign a minor league deal w/the yanks. .219 B.A., OPS+ 62. Better glove than bat.




Yanks win Thursday S.T. game, 5-2.

Burnett went 4 2/3, 2 R, 5 H, 2 walks and 2 K.

Granderson (officially appointed CF) led off the game with a double and scored on a Swisher single. Cano also drove in a run in the first.

Ramiro Pena added an rbi double later.

Granderson, Teixeira, Swisher and Cano each had two hits. 2 RBI for Cano.

Cervelli has a Grade one hamstring strain. Girardi hopes he’ll be ok to start the season but will hold him out of any more S.T. games.

The other pitchers yesterday: Ring, 1 batter, a K. Park, scoreless inning with a K (I may have to do a complete turnaround on my opinion of him). Robertson, Joba and Pendleton all with scoreless innings, 2 K for Joba.

NCAA:  I am NOT happy with the proposed expansion to 96 teams. For one, you can now forget about the postseason NIT, not that it was that relevant anymore anyway. But I don’t like dumbing down in any way, shape or form. Rewarding mediocrity. What’s next, just let every team that finishes .500 or better into the tournament? I’m a fan of what the late actor John Houseman said in those Smith-Barney commercials, “We do things the old-fashioned way, we EARN it.” Applies to every walk of life. But we seem to dumb down everything… to our eventual regret. I hate it.

More closer trouble: The Twins lost Joe Nathan. Now the Rockies are shutting down Huston Street. Meanwhile the Phils have three pitchers starting the year on the DL: Lidge, Romero and Blanton.

NLCS Set. Phils vs. Dodgers.

1977, 1978, 1983, 2008 and now 2009.

For the 5th time in NLCS history, the Phils will face the Dodgers for the pennant.

After the Phils bullpen imploded in the 8th, Huston Street gave it right back in the 9th. Even at that, the Rockies had two on in the bottom of the 9th when Brad Lidge whiffed Tulowitzki to end it.

I wrote this yesterday and saw a couple of articles elsewhere repeating what I wrote.

Basically, that the theme of this offseason (to me, at least) is this: Closers not closing games out.

Just look. Franklin couldn’t close out Game 2 vs. the Dodgers, even after Holliday’s error. He still could have gotten that last out.

Nathan couldn’t close out Game 2 vs. the Yankees. He gave up A-Rod’s dinger. In game 3 he had to keep the game at 2-1 Yankees. Instead he gave up 2 hits and 2 runs (neither charged to him, but…)

Boston in Game 3 is up 5-2 going into the 8th. Wagner gives up two runs. Boston makes it 6-4. Papelbon gives up 3 in the 9th.

Street lost two games vs. the Phils. He gives up the run in the top of the 9th in Game 3.

Madson blew the lead in the 8th in Game 4 against the Rockies only to see Street give it back to the Phils. Eyre then almost gave it back to the Rockies.


I know I’m a Yankees fan and this may sound biased….but looking at that, I feel more blessed that the Yankees have Rivera. Consistency. Sure, he has blown a postseason game in the past and we don’t know what the future holds. But who would you feel most confident in right now to close a game? Wouldn’t it be someone whose postseason resume reads 8-1, 35 saves and a 0.74 ERA in 121 IP?

A look at the closers left:

Mo. 3-3. 1.76. 44 saves. The postseason record listed above. ERA+ 253
Fuentes. 1-5. 3.93. 48 saves led the majors, but 3.93 is not impressive. ERA+ 116.
1-0, 5.56 in the postseason. Two saves.
Lidge.  0-8, 7.21. 31 saves. ERA+ 59. 1-3, 2.04 in the postseason. 14 saves (7 last year).
Broxton. 7-2, 2.61. 36 saves. 114 K in 76 IP. 0-1 3.97 in the postseason. 2 saves.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll go with Mo. The experience and the savvy. The starters job is to get to him. I like the Yanks’ bullpen to get to Mo. Hughes struggled a bit against the Twins, but he, along with Joba, Aceves, Robertson, Mo…I am confident in them. I worry about Coke and Marte. Given that the Angels aren’t as lefty-dominated as the Twins, don’t be surprised if Marte (not that good in the ALDS) is dumped for Bruney.

Looking at the closers’ failures this postseason and comparing them to how Mo has been since 1995…then in looking at who is left, I’m confident in the Yankees. Not cocky, for I know the Angels are a pain in the wazoo, but confident.  

P.S. Of course, the Yankees bats…and starting pitching…have to get to Mariano. 

Phils go up 2 games to 1 in (PH)rigid conditions.

It seems like a game of musical chairs. Somehow, Mo always seems to get a seat. So far, anyway.

Huston Street became the latest closer to lose or blow a game for his team, following Nathan, Papelbon and Franklin. A minefield to be sure.

Yet Mo’s postseason stats are ALDS 2-0, 16 saves, 0.34; ALCS 4-0, 0.93 and 10 saves; WS 2-1, 1.16 and 9 saves. Overall 8-1, 0.74 and 35 saves. Incredible.

Pettitte’s 15th postseason win ties Smoltz for most all-time. It’s important to say postseason. You have to give guys like Ford and Gibson (no DS, no LCS) their due.

As for Street, he gave up a run in the 9th on a SF by Howard. 6-5 Phils. Phils can close out the Rockies today in what for both teams hope to be better weather conditions. Temps dropped into the 20s last night as the game concluded. Lidge, who has blown 11 saves this year, stranded two as Tulowitzki flied out to end the game. Both starters struggled in the cold, neither going four innings. The Phils used six pitchers, the Rockies seven.    

Maddon, Piniella Mgrs. of Yr., and a look at the “Dominican Dandy.”

Joe Maddon won the AL Mgr. of the Year Award as expected while Lou Piniella got the award in the NL. I guess the only suspense was whether it would be Sweet Lou or Charlie Manuel in the NL. It’s ironic that Maddon took over the Tampa Bay job from Piniella and both get the award in their respective leagues this year.

You may have read that the NL Cy Young Award winner, Tim Lincecum, is the first Giant to win the award since 1967. If you didn’t read about who won that 1967 award, who would you have guessed was the last one before Lincecum? I would bet that almost all of you would have said Juan Marichal, especially when given the year of 1967. It is so odd that Marichal NEVER won the CYA. Do you know that the ONLY year Marichal EVER got a Cy Young vote was in 1971 when he finished 8th with an 18-11, 2.94, ERA+ 117 mark? It was his last great year. He was 33 at the time.

What is truly amazing is that in these years I will list, he didn’t receive any votes. NOT ONE. (That year’s winners are listed after the Dominican Dandy’s stats).

1963 25-8, 2.41 ERA+ 132 (Koufax)
1964 21-8, 2.48 144 (Chance)
1965 22-13 2.13 169 (Koufax)
1966 25-6 2.23 167 (Koufax)

In the years from 1956-1966, there was only ONE Cy Young award….given to the best pitcher in all of baseball. In 1967, the writers split it up to the two leagues. Marichal still couldn’t win.

1968 26-9, 2.43 123 (Gibson)
1969 21-11 2.10 168 (Seaver)
1971 18-11 2.94 117 (Jenkins; the ONLY CYA vote Marichal EVER got was a 3rd place vote in this year).

243 wins. A 2.89 ERA, ERA+ 123 and thisclose to getting no CYA consideration….EVER.

So, most would probably think it was Marichal in 1967 (14-10, 2.76, ERA+ 121 for him that year) but they’d be wrong. I’d be willing to wager that having been told that it wasn’t Marichal, that people would say “Oh, then it was Gaylord Perry.” After all, Gaylord won the CYA as an Indian in 1972 and as a Padre in 1978. He won 314 in his career, had an ERA of 3.11 (ERA + 117) and like Marichal is in the Hall of Fame.

Perry went 21-8, 2.99, 124 in 1966. No CYA votes.
He went 23-13, 3.20 125 in 1970. Runnerup to Gibson.

Perry in 1967? Wrong again.

In 1967, Perry went 15-17 despite an excellent 2.61 (ERA+ 128) ERA.

So who did win?

Mike McCormick.

Mike who?

Mike McCormick. Kudos if you knew (without looking) who it was. McCormick was 22-10, 2.85, ERA+ 117 in 1967 (the year a Roberto Clemente liner knocked Gibson out for six weeks with a broken leg, and also Tom Seaver’s rookie year). It was the only year McCormick won more than 15 in a season. He was 134-128 in his career, ERA 3.73, ERA+ just a 96. NY Giants 1956 and 1957, San Francisco 1958-1962 (no postseason action in 1962), Orioles 1963-1964, Washington Senators 1965-1966, San Francisco again 1967-1970, Yankees 1970 (2-0, 6.10 in nine games) and the Royals in 1971. He had that one career year. He got 18 of the 20 first place votes that year, the others going to Jim Bunning and Ferguson Jenkins.

Like I wrote, try to find the person (besides me, ha ha) who would have known it was McCormick and not Marichal or Perry. I don’t think there are many.

So Holliday goes to the A’s. Being a free agent at the end of 2009, we’ll see how long that lasts, or if he is dangled at the 2009 trade deadline. Going to the Rockies are Greg Smith (24, 7-16, 4.16, ERA+ 97 for the 2008 A’s), Huston Street (the Rockies need a closer to alleviate losing Brian Fuentes to free agency; 24, 7-5, 3.73, 18 saves, ERA+ 109) and 22 year old CF Carlos Gonzalez, 85 games, .242-4-26, OPS+ 72. Street is a F.A. after 2010.