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Brother vs. Brother

You wonder how their parents will handle it.

John and Jim Harbaugh will be coaching against each other in the Super Bowl since each of the brothers coached their respective teams to wins in today’s AFC and NFC title games.

Ravens vs. 49ers it is. I think the 49ers will be about a 4-pt. favorite from what I saw.

I’ll be rooting for the 49ers, even though if the 49ers win, they’ll tie my Steelers for most SB victories with six.

I just can’t root for Ray Lewis.

As for Atlanta, they blew a big lead last week vs. Seattle and got away with it. Not this time as they blew a 17-0 early lead.


NFL Final 4 is set.

Championship Sunday is set.

Balt. @ NE


Personally, there are two things I am rooting for.

The first is for the Giants to make the SB. (I am a Steelers fan). Why the Giants? THIS—- what were the odds that Eli would win more SB titles than Peyton?

The other thing I am rooting for? SF vs. Baltimore. Think about it. One head coach coaching AGAINST HIS BROTHER in the Super Bowl. Wouldn’t that be something?

The Yankees have apparently talked to Damon and Carlos Pena about that DH job that Montero was supposed to have. They may be talking to Matsui next.


Now this is embarrassing…

Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post, had this in his article on Colts’ coach Jim Caldwell today:

So where exactly does the 56-year-old Caldwell, a journeyman coach who had paid his dues across a landscape of college and pro programs, fit into these vast environs dominated by so many dynamic coaches?

Perhaps by making history.

Caldwell is the first rookie coach to lead his team to the Super Bowl, and if the Colts win it, he will be the first to win a Super Bowl.

Not to be nasty to Cannizzaro, but HOW ABOUT DOING SOME RESEARCHDon McCafferty, who won SB V (5) 16-13 with the Colts, was a rookie coach. So was George Seifert in SB XXIV, when the 49ers blew away the Broncos, 55-10.

A little research next time, Mark? Worse yet, there is a picture of Caldwell in the Post with a caption repeating the same bad and wrong information.   

In the same paper, Mike Vaccaro writes that the Packers played in one Playoff Bowl, in 1964, and beat the Browns 40-23 to launch a three year run as NFL Champions. Once again, wrong. The game was played on January 9th, 1964, but this was after the 1963 season. The Playoff Bowl was between the second place finishers in each conference; the 1963 Packers [the year Hornung was suspended] went 11-2-1, second to the NFL Champion Bears 11-1-2 in the Western Conference.

But the Browns won the 1964 NFL Title. The three-year run that Vaccaro describes for Green Bay was 1965-1967, with the 1966 and 1967 teams ending their seasons by winning SBs I and II.

Not only that, but the Vaccaro wrote that the Packers only played in one of them. They played in two. For after the 1964 season, the Packers once again finished second in the Western Conference. This time they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals (yes, that’s right…Lombardi treated the game as if it were the toilet bowl), 24-17 on January 8, 1965.

I know it’s SB week and deadlines need to be met, but where are the proofreaders?