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Game 134. Yanks shut out, 2-0, get just one hit.

Today (Saturday) was the Yanks’ season all rolled up into one. A fine pitching performance, a disappointing offense.

For the Yanks only got one hit today in losing to Toronto, 2-0.

Michael Pineda made just one mistake, giving up a 2-run HR to Jose Bautista in the first inning. It’s hard to pitch when you have to be perfect.

Pineda (3-3, 2.09) went six innings, 2 R, 7 H, 0 walks and 3 K. You’d think his record would be better what with that ERA.

Shawn Kelley 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 4.50.

David Huff (who has been superb since the Yanks reacquired him) 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 walk and 0 K. Overall ERA 3.78.

In the fourth, with two out, Beltran was HBP, Teixeira doubled him to third (the Yanks’ only hit of the game) and McCann was HBP. But with the only real scoring opportunity they had all day, Prado flied out.

Derek Jeter went 0 for 4 and is down to .262. He is 15 for his last 80 and has lost 14 points off his batting average in that span. Hopefully in the last 28 games he picks it up and can go out in style.

The loss drops the Yanks to 70-64, 8 back of Baltimore for the division and 3 1/2 out of the last wild card spot.

In case you missed it, Masahiro Tanaka experienced soreness after his sim game and went back to NY. I don’t expect him back at all this year and only hope that he won’t need the TJ surgery that would cost him all of 2015 and some of 2016.


S.T. Game 22. Yanks “buzz” Boston, 8-1.

Michael Pineda was impressive again today as the Yanks beat Boston 8-1 in a game that was held up for a few minutes because of a swarm of bees.

While the groundskeepers were spraying the bees, Mark Teixeira came out of the Yanks’ dugout holding up a couple of bottles of honey—sweet.

Pineda went 4 1/3, giving up 0 r, 4 H and striking out five. Fifth starter? Heck, he’s been pitching like an ace or #2 this spring.

Alfonso Soriano drove in four runs, three with a HR.

Ichiro had an RBI single, and so did Jeter on an infield hit. Teixeira drove in two with a single.

Brett Gardner went 3 for 4. Francisco Cervelli was 2 for 3, as was Brian Roberts.

David Robertson pitched 2/3 of an inning, giving up a hit but both his outs were strikeouts.

Shawn Kelley pitched a scoreless sixth. David Herndon gave up a run in the seventh, Fred Lewis and Matt Daley finished up with scoreless innings.

The Yanks are now 11-9-2 for the spring.



Game 69. Lineup, stats and comments

Anything to shake up the lineup. Ichiro moves to #2 today. I don’t think he (OBP .304) should be there, but whatever works.

Yanks 37-31, 3rd in A.L. East, 4 games back. Three games better than Pythagorean record (they have scored just 3 more runs than given up, and the Pythagorean suggests that they should be 34-34 right now).

OPS+ 87, ERA+ 111. Average is 100, so you can see how weak the offense is.

No news yet on Teixeira. He could be done for the year. It’s obvious he rushed back too soon. (.151-3-12 on 8 for 53 hitting, 19 K & OPS+ 66).

BA/HR/RBI    SB/Total attempts   OPS+   Comments   Team leader
OPS+ way below average (100)

Gardner 8  .283-6-28  10/15  117
   Would you believe 4th on team in RBI and 2nd in OPS+? 1st in B.A.
Ichiro 9 .267-2-11  8/11  77    .304 OBP isn’t that suited for the 2 slot (and it’s even lower than Nix’s), but what can you do? Get speed up top.
Cano 4 .278-16-42  3/3  133    .278 is low for Robbie. 
Hafner DH .219-10-29  2/2  108    7 for 60 since May 21 (.117)
Wells 7 .229-10-26  4/7  78   Another year under contract. Not good. Since May 14, 12 for 97 (.124). Middle of lineup awful over the last month (that includes Teixeira and the Dl’d Youkilis).
Overbay 3 .240-8-29  0/0  94     6 for last 35 (.171)
Nix 5 .249-1-18  10/10  68   Slugging Ave (.297) worse than OBP (.311)
Brignac 6  4 for 36 as a Yankee (.111) with 16 strikeouts and just one walk. Don’t get me started on him. That sucks.
OPS+ MINUS 24. That’s worse than even Romine. Overall Co/NYY .190-1-6, OPS+ 32. 16 for 84. 4 walks. 29 strikeouts. Ugh.   

Stewart 2 .277-3-10  3/3  88   3rd in batting average on the team. Enough said.

Sabathia 1     6-5, 4.07   ERA+ 100.

CC hasn’t been an ace this year, just mediocre. Check the ERA. Right on the average line.

I don’t mean to rip but some numbers speak for themselves. All I do is report anved comment on the numbers THEY put up or don’t put up.     


Game 65. Yanks bats quiet again in 5-2 loss.

On April 8 and 9, the Yanks scored 11 and 14 runs in their games. Since then, there has been only one game in which the Yanks hit double digits in runs scored.

Last night was a night we’ve seen a lot of lately. Two runs on four hits as they lost to Oakland, 5-2.

The team’s adjusted OPS is 89. That means it is 11% below league average. The last time the Yankees finished a season with an OPS+ under 100 was in 1991, the year Stump Merrill managed the team for the whole year. Thank goodness the ERA+ is 111 or things could be ugly.

Phil Hughes started and was well, Phil Hughes. Meaning he gave up a HR (2-run shot in the 2nd) and couldn’t put people away and gave up big hits after getting ahead 0 and 2 (Jaso RBI double in the fifth). He went 4 1/3, 3 R, 4 H, 5 walks and 3 K in falling to 3-5, 4.89. If Nuno were healthy instead of on the DL, Hughes could have been in danger of losing his starting spot. After all, Nova lost his to Phelps.

It’s pretty much a given that Hughes and Joba, both free agents after the season, will be gone after this year. You wonder if either or both could be gone at the trade deadline for a bat.

Shawn Kelley 1 2/3, 0 R, 0 H, 2 walks and 1 K. 4.68.

Boone Logan 1/3 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 1 walk, 1 K. 1.50.

Joba. 1 1/3 IP. 2 R, 3 H, 0 walks and 1 K. 5.52.

Joba is losing his job to Preston Claiborne.

Claiborne 1/3 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 walk and 1 K. 0.46.

Travis Hafner is down to .231. Vernon Wells .237. Kevin Youkilis .235.

Teixeira is just 8 for 44 since his return. 16 strikeouts.    

Ichiro had two of the Yanks’ four hits.

Austin Romine is now 7 for 50 for the season. That’s .140.

With the loss, the Yanks (37-28) stay in second, but fall three games behind Boston.


Game 96. Yanks snap losing streak behind Kuroda, A-Rod, 4-1

The Yankees snapped their four-game losing streak behind the pitching of Hiroki Kuroda and A-Rod’s 644th career HR, beating Seattle 4-1.

Just acquired OF Ichiro Suzuki went 1 for 4 against his old team, singling in his first at bat as a Yankee. The Yanks obtained Suzuki from Seattle earlier in the day.

Kuroda pitched seven innings, giving up just one run on three hits. He walked one and struck out nine in going to 10-7, 3.34.

David Robertson pitched the 8th. 1 IP, 0R, 0 H, 0 walks, 2 K. 2.12.

Rafael Soriano picked up his 25th save, pitching the 9th. 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 walks, 1 K, ERA 1.62.

Kuroda gave up a run in the third on a walk to Ackley, a SB, and a single by Jaso.

The Yanks came back with three in the fourth. With one out, A-Rod doubled, Cano walked. Teixeira tied it up with a double. Ibanez singled in one run, then Jones singled in another.

A-Rod hit his 15th HR of the year, #644 of his career, in the eighth.

Derek Jeter had one hit to go to 3212 for his career, 40 behind Nap Lajoie.

Game 103. Soriano back, Yanks fall 4-2.

Soriano is back. Garrison sent down.

Yanks 61-41, 2 1/2 back of Boston in AL East. 2nd place, 5 up for the wild card spot over the Angels.  OPS+ 108, ERA+ 120.
Three games worse than the Pythagorean record.

Gardner LF .285-4-21  32sb/42att OPS+ 109
Jeter SS .268-4-34  11/14  86   3017 hits
Granderson CF .266-28-77  19/28   146
Teixeira 1B .243-28-76  2/3  125
Cano 2B .290-16-63  6/7  120
Swisher RF .260-12-56  2/4  115
Chavez 3B .306-0-7  0/0  122   11 for 36
Posada DH .229-9-29  0/2  85
Martin C .224-10-39  8/9  87

Burnett P  8-8  4.21   ERA+ 99

 The Yanks and Orioles have a day/night DH tomorrow. They have another in Baltimore on 8-27. So naturally, it’s raining and tonight’s game is not starting on time.

The game starts 1 1/2 hours late.

Yankees lose 4-2. Every hit AJ gave up cost him.

In the 2nd, a walk and a 2-run HR by Reynolds.

In the 4th, back to back doubles by Vlad & Lee , 3-0.

Lee HR in the 6th, 4-0. Teix HR (29) makes it 4-1 after 6.

Cano & Swish back to back doubles in the 9th make it 4-2, the final.

A couple bad hits at the wrong spots (and 2 HR balls) cost AJ tonight. 8 IP, 4 r, 4 er, 5 h, 2 walks, 10 K. 2 of the 5 H HR. AJ 8-9, 4.23.

Ayala a scoreless IP. ERA 1.42.

Busy, sorry no minor league report today.

The Phils made a big deal, getting Hunter Pence from Houston for two prospects & two PTBNL.

Game 85. Getaway day, Yanks 6, Twins 4. Yanks sweep season series from Twins.

I’ll be at work as the Yanks take on the Twins this afternoon on getaway day. After the game, it’s off to Anaheim for those lovely late night games we Easterners love (cough, cough).

Aceves goes today in his first start of the year. An emergency start because of Wang’s injury. We’ll see how far he can go.

In other news, I see that ex-Met and Phil Lenny “Nails” Dykstra has filed for bankruptcy.

Catch you after the game.

Recap: Aceves was knocked out in the 4th, but the bullpen came through along with the bottom of the order in the yanks 6-4 win.

The Yanks won every game from the Twins this year. Barring a meeting in the postseason, today was the last time the Yanks played the Twins in the Metrodome. I remember how Billy Martin hated the place.

The Yanks got 3 in the 2nd on a bases-loaded walk by Ransom, a forceout by Gardner and a single by Jeter. The Twins came back with two on a HR by Kubel and on errors by Aceves and Ransom.  

The Yanks got two in the 4th to make it 5-2. Ransom and Gardner, the bottom of the order, with RBI singles, giving them 2 ribbies each.

Aceves left with the bases loaded in the 4th. Robertson then played Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Good Robertson K’d Punto for the 2nd out. Bad Robertson walked the next two batters to force in two runs and make it 5-4. For that, Robertson didn’t get the win. Somehow, after walking in two batters, Robertson gets Mauer to ground out to end the inning. Go figure. Walk two and get out the guy hitting .389.

Teixiera hit his first HR since June 12 to make it 6-4, which ended up as the final score.

After one inning, Albaladejo relieved Robertson. Why? Robertson K’d Morneau, then walked the next hitter (Bad Robertson). Once again, go figure. Alby got the W. He came in, got a K a walk (dancing with danger) and a K. He then pitched a 1-2-3 6th.

Coke for the 7th. A single, a force and a K, then Hughes. Hughes continued his dominance from the bullpen, but not in the 7th, as Posada gunned out Morneau to end the inning. Hughes had a 1-2-3 8th with 2 K. Then it was Mo and save #505. GO, GO, single and then (gotta do it the hard way) getting Mauer to GO.

Aceves 3 1/3, 4 R, 3 ER. Nice if somewhat shaky (Robertson’s 3 walks) job by the ‘pen. Ransom and Gardner each with 2 ribbies.

Interesting note from King, George A. III—Jays shopping Halladay and odds are on the Phils, but King states that the buzz is that if a team is interested in Halladay, that it might have to take Vernon Wells, who has $107M left on his deal. The Phils can’t afford that, and besides, their OF is set with Ibanez, Victorino and Werth. Halladay alone will command big bucks. He is signed through 2010 at $15.75M. The Phils would love him (think maybe Marson, Mayberry and a starter like Carrasco to begin talks?) but I can’t see them having any interest in Wells. It always gets interesting around the deadline.

Speaking of the deadline, maybe…just maybe, the Yanks won’t have to look for that one more reliever. According to Pete Abraham, Marte is to throw BP in Tampa on Saturday.