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Dodgers advance to NLCS.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

The Dodgers beat the Nationals 4-3 in Game 5 to advance to the NLCS where they will play the Cubs.

The Dodgers scored all four runs in the seventh, coming from down 1-0. Clayton Kershaw had to come out of the bullpen with two on and one out to close out the game. Justin Turner drove in two runs.

I don’t know what the Nationals third base coach was thinking on one play when Jayson Werth was thrown out at the plate. He was out by 30 feet.

Chris Parmalee refused assignment to SWB and opted to become a free agent.

No Yankees prospects played for Scottsdale in their Arizona Fall League game yesterday.


Red Sox eliminated, Ortiz’ career over. Giants stay alive, Washington up 2-1.

Yankee Stadium Frieze


David Ortiz’ career came to an end as Boston was swept by Cleveland, 3 games to none. The Indians got a 2-run HR by one-time Red Sox player Coco Crisp in beating Boston, 4-3. Andrew Miller pitched two scoreless innings of relief in the sixth and seventh.

The ALCS will feature Toronto, who hasn’t been in the WS since beating the Phillies in 1993, and Cleveland, who last were in the WS in 1997 (and who last won it in 1948).

The Cavs and Indians in the same year?

Um….there still is no hope for the Browns (0-5).

The Giants got a run in the bottom of the 13th to beat the Cubs and avoid getting swept. The Cubs are still up 2 games to 1. Aroldis Chapman got a blown save, getting his only man out on a strikeout, but giving up a run, walking one, giving up 2 hits, in the eighth.

Washington went up 2 games to 1 on the Dodgers with an 8-3 win. Jayson Werth had 3 hits, 2 RBI, including a HR. Dodgers’ closer Kenley Jansen gave up 4 runs in 1/3 of an inning.

Between Chapman and Jansen, a rough day for elite closers.

Yankees’ player Donovan Solano elected free agency instead of an option to SWB.

Game 158. Can Yanks help to bury Boston? They win opener 6-2 while Rays win. Boston’s wild card lead down to 1/2 a game.

If the Yanks sweep Boston (5-17 this month) and the Rays win today, it’d create a wild card tie with three games to go. How I’d love to see it.

Yanks 96-61, clinched A.L. #1 seed. Today’s lineup, because of a d/n dh, has some regulars out.

Three games worse than Pythagorean record. OPS+108, ERA+ 120

Gardner CF .261-7-36  46sb/59 att; OPS+ 91 (ave-100)   AL SB leader
Jeter SS .297-6-60  15/21  96   3085 career hits 
Rodriguez 3B .277-16-61  4/5  117   629 HR, needs to find his stroke, .277
Posada DH .238-13-42  0/2  87   see below
Jones LF .251-12-32  0/0  123   419 HR
Martin C .237-17-64   8/9  91
Dickerson RF  .302-1-6  3/3  98   13 for 43
Laird 1B .154-0-1  0/0  16    2 for 13
Pena 2B .118-1-4  0/0  (-3)  4 for 34, yes, that’s a minus 3.

Burnett P  10-11, 5.28, ERA+ 84

Why Posada cleanup? I think because of the very real possibility that this could be Jorge’s last regular season home game. It’s a tribute, and although no one wants to actually say it’s a goodbye, read between the lines.

To me, it’s pretty obvious who should be the #3 starter in the postseason. After CC and Nova, who has the most wins? Garcia with 12. Who has the lowest ERA? Garcia at 3.62, same as Nova. Who is the only one with a winning record? Garcia at 12-8 (A.J. 10-11 going into today, Hughes 5-5, Colon 8-10). To me, go with Garcia, hope he keeps you in the game, gives you five, then go to a bullpen where you can use Ayala in the 6th (1.67), Soriano in the 7th (3.62), Robertson in the 8th (1.11) and Mo (1.95). That’s not even taking Cory Wade (1.98) into account.

Love it. Gardner bunts his way on leading off the bottom of the 1st. SB #47 (got to go on a knuckleballer, Wakefield). Jeter bunt hit (#3086), love it. Gardner to third. Jeter SB #16, PB on the play lets Gardner score, and it’s 1-0 Yanks. Boston looks like a team completely falling apart. We’ll see what happens today, but…

Umm…after a groundout by A-Rod, A PB moves Jeter to third. Got to love the knuckleball. WP makes it 2-0. Two bunt singles, two passed balls, a wild pitch and the Yanks are up 2-0. Posada walks and so does Jones, but after one, it’s 2-0 Yankees.

One PB is changed to an E-2.

Some people have no clue. None. Someone named Dom Arruzzo of Hamilton, N.J. criticizes Mo’s “meltdowns” in the 2001 WS and 2004 ALCS. Um, that 2001 Game 7 loss is Mo’s only postseason loss. He gave up the tying run in Game 4. Tying. The Yanks (it’s a team game) had an opportunity to score runs before losing in extras. Mo gave up the tying run in Game 5 only because he came in with a man on third. He got a SF. It’s not easy to just strike someone out. He got the out. He didn’t give up a HR and then put a man on third. Gordon did.

…and oh yeah,… how many people remember what Mo had to do BEFORE that 2004 ALCS started? Bury his cousins. Read that again. BURY HIS COUSINS. How many people remember that? (Mr. Arruzzo must clearly not remember it). Upon celebrating their ALDS win that year, Mo was notified that two of his cousins were electrocuted while cleaning Mo’s swimming pool. Before Game 1 of that ALCS, he went to Panama to bury them. It was unknown whether he’d make it back for the game, but in the middle of the game, there he was….direct from the airport.

Yes, Mo didn’t get it done in Games 4 and 5 of that 2004 ALCS, but how would YOU have performed in such a situation? He’s human. He just buried two family members after an unspeakable tragedy. But people like Mr. Arruzzo forget that. Pathetic. Have a bleeping heart. And to hold those two years against him, when so many other years ended in success BECAUSE OF HIM? Just shows cluelessness.

In the third, what could be a storybook ending for Posada comes true. He gets a 2-run HR (14) to put the Yanks up 4-0. It could be his last HR as a Yankee. It’s #275, and matches Roger Maris’ total (Maris had 203 of his 275 as a Yankee).

A.J. gives up a HR to Ellsbury in the 4th. 4-1. Meanwhile, the Rays have a lead. Still in all, good outing by A.J. so far today.

In the fifth, more signs of Boston bumbling. Jeter singles, goes to second on an error by Crawford, and scores on an A-Rod single. 5-1.

It’s something when Joel Sherman has his Anti-MVP list and Crawford and Werth, arguably two of last year’s top free agents, are listed.

Oh, Lord. That annoying Kars for Kids commercial again.

The Red Sox cut it to 5-2 in the sixth on another Ellsbury HR, his 30th.

The Yanks get it back in the bottom of the sixth. Laird singles, is sac’d to second by Pena and scores on Jeter’s double. That’s Jeter’s 3rd hit of the day, (3088) and it gives Jeter a .300 average. Can he hold it? It’s amazing, since on the day Jeter went 5 for 5 and got his 3000th hit (July 9th), he entered the day with a .257 B.A.

Posada singles in the 7th, PR for by Nunez. In what could be the last regular season home start of Posada’s career, he goes 2 for 3 with 2 RBI.

A.J. goes 7 2/3, 2 R, 5 H, 2 walks, 6 K. His best performance in God knows how long. Like Garcia’s performance yesterday, it’s encouraging. But I still think Garcia gets Game 3. ERA to 5.16. He goes to 11-11.

Robertson gets a K for the last out in the 8th. 1.11.

He stays for the 9th. Gives up a single, but 0 R, 2 K.

99 K in 66 IP for Robertson this year. ERA an incredible 1.10.

Now to get the sweep.

What’s worse for Boston is this: the Rays won 5-2. Boston’s wild card lead is down to a half a game.

The Red Sox are collapsing like a deck of cards. Tonight, they throw 6.49 ERA Lackey.



Crawford to Boston for 7 yrs and $142M


Woke up to find out Carl Crawford went to Boston for 7 years and $142M. That Werth signing messed everything up. I had Werth to Boston, Crawford to the Angels. Once Werth went to DC, all bets went off, I suppose.

Boston now has a good lineup with speed. As written somewhere, it could look like this: Ellsbury, Pedroia, Crawford, Gonzalez, Youkilis, Ortiz, Drew, Catcher (Saltalamacchia? Aging Varitek? Will they go after Martin?) and Scutaro. Rotation Beckett, Lester, Dice-K, Laptops, Lackey and if needed Wakefield (at 44).

The Red Sox 2010 missed the playoffs much as the Yanks of 2008 did. (In fact, both teams had the same record—89 wins). Now Boston is attacking the winter of 2010/2011 as the Yanks did 2008/2009. Yankees fans hope the result is different—otherwise Beantown will have a parade in early November 2011.

Some speed there with Ellsbury and Crawford. At the top of the lineup and in the OF. Think Francona wants to test the Yankees’ catchers out right now?

Do the Angels now focus on Lee? I don’t know. Their focus is more on improving their offense and as such, Beltre could be their #1 target now.

But as for the Yanks, this necessitates getting Lee even more. Especially with the uncertainty of Pettitte’s return.

A Tweet from Sweeny Murti of WFAN:

Guess Yanks do believe 7 yr offer now. Improving their bid so soon tells you how badly they want/need Lee.

Hmmm….Yanks going the painful extra mile and a 7th year? If so, 7 years and 165 M? (That’s 23.57 per). Whew.

You wonder if this now puts Boston over the top as 2011 AL East favorites. If so, I’d still have the Yanks as the wild card for now (pre-Lee). How far the Rays drop will be interesting since Crawford, Benoit, Bartlett (SD) and Pena are gone, and Soriano is to follow. Navarro (not a recent help) went to the Dodgers. That will be one different team and could be passed by Toronto if the Blue Jays can make some good moves. The Orioles are looking to improve but from what I’ve seen haven’t done anything significant yet. Targets (Konerko) still don’t go to Baltimore. I’d expect Buck to have them playing better in 2011 but wonder if it’ll be enough to keep the O’s out of the AL East basement. The O’s are sending prospects to the Twins for J.J. Hardy, though.

Another note from Murti, and a good one:

BOS adding LH bats Crawford and Gonzalez just made LH reliever more important for NYY. Also more expensive! (Downs? Feliciano?)

Remember Logan is all the Yanks have right now. Marte not back until mid-August (if EVER). Logan 2.93 was far lower than he ever put up before. It now looks as if Downs, Feliciano or Romero now a necessity as well. Reyes has signed with the Phils. 

Now here is class. From LoHud. A tweet from Curtis Granderson yesterday:

One year ago today, I was traded to the 27-time World Champion NY Yankees. Thank you fans, teammates, and front office for an amazing year.

I see a report that KC got Melky.

In the Rule 5 draft, the Yanks took 22 year old Robert Fish, a lefty pitcher, from the Angels. In high A/AA in 2010, Fish was just 5-5, 6.79 but did have 73 K in 58 1/3.  They also took Right-hander Daniel Turpen, who went 7-6 with a 4.30 ERA in Double-A last season, out of the Red Sox chain.

The Padres took George Kontos from the Yankees. Kontos, 24, was 0-4, 3.60 for A+/AA/AAA in 2010 for the Yanks farm teams. Lance Pendleton was taken by the Astros. Pendleton was 12-5, 3.61 AA/AAA in 2010 but is 27. More later.   

Update, 12/10/10: Reported that the Angels offered 6 and $108M but were blown away by Boston’s 7/142.

Update, 12/16: See Comments below for Bartlett.

Stunner! Werth to Washington

I didn’t see this one coming, did you?

I had Jayson Werth all pegged for Boston and that nice Green Monster. You figured 30 HR 100 RBI there, right?

I mean, no major free agent signs with the Nats, right? Especially since they don’t have Dunn anymore?

So much for that theory.

Jayson Werth signed a 7-yr. deal with Washington today ($18M per), giving the Nats back a little power that they lost when Dunn signed with the White Sox. Maybe now the Nats go after, say, Carlos Pena to replace Dunn at 1B?

It’ll be interesting to hear the boos in Philly the first time the Nats come there in 2011. As for the Phils, you wonder who they are looking at as far as a righty-hitting OF with pop. They do have Ben Francisco, but the balance in Philly’s lineup is now all out of whack. The power is all lefty-oriented (Utley, Howard, Ibanez and rookie Domonic Brown). You have switch-hitters with some, but not great pop in Rollins and Victorino, and righty bats Polanco and Ruiz aren’t known for power, either.  The Phils may be shopping for a righty-hitting OF with power to balance out that lineup.

As for Boston, I’d expect them to go all out for Crawford now, or to re-sign Beltre. They couldn’t finalize the Adrian Gonzalez deal and now a bat seemingly made for Fenway (Werth) is off the table. Hmmm…    


Oh, that thing Cashman is doing? Rappelling or whatever they call it? Don’t expect any pics on here of that from me. Just seeing those pics of him up there— 22 floors up —gives me the creeps. Whatever phobia it is that is the fear of heights, well I have it in spades.

This is what baffles me

It’s interesting to hear Jeter’s agent, Casey Close, describe the negotiations with the Yankees as “baffling.”

There’s nothing baffling about it. Now I understand that Close, like any agent (and I revile sports agents as I do, say, lawyers and politicians) is trying to get the most for his client—especially since he may get a percentage for his own services.

But since this is “baffling” to him, let’s try to put things in ways that he can understand.

  • Your client will be 37 next year. I have a friend who, when JoePa signed a multi-year deal a few years ago, exclaimed “who does he think he is, Methusaleh?” Great quote. (Look up Methusaleh in the Bible if you don’t know what I mean). Well, Casey, your client will be 37 next year. Salary based on projections of current and future performance. You can’t really believe that Derek will put up the numbers at 37-39 that he put up at 27-29. If you do, then you are delusional.   
  • Current or future performance. This is on projections based on Jeter coming off his worst year of his career. One in which his OPS+ was a 90. His BA 21 points lower than any other season in his career. One in which his numbers (.270-10-67, OPS+ 90 with 18 SB, Rtot of -10)  were close to Marco Scutaro’s (.275-11-56, 5 SB. OPS+ 92, -1 RTOT at SS). Scutaro made $5.5MM in 2010, didn’t have Jeter’s SB, but had a much better Rtot. Note, Casey, $5.5MM, not Jeter’s $22.6MM. See what Derek would get on the open market.
  • If I’m paying, I’m not paying on the past. The past doesn’t win you games in 2011. Only the present does. Like I stated. See what Jeter gets on the open market. But sell him as if his name were Joe Schmoe. As if there wasn’t a past with 2926 hits, 5 rings and all the rest. Sell him as he is now. Not as he was in 2000. See what you get.   
  • This contract is about him as a player. Yes, “everything he symbolizes” comes into play. His legacy as a Yankee. His iconic stature. His conduct. His popularity. Hell, all that fits 85 year old Yogi Berra, too! The Yanks aren’t paying Yogi to catch in 2010. Yogi is just as popular on Madison Avenue (as I remember that great AFLAC commercial…)
  • Personally, I don’t go over the age of 37 on a multi-year contract with ANY player. Once 37, I would hope every team goes year by year. No multi-year deals for ANY player once they hit 37. That’s just me. Won’t happen, though. But let me dream.
  • You know the Yanks won’t release Derek. Something will eventually get done. But asking for a multi-year deal over three years at anything over $18MM/per (Yanks apparently offered 3 years, $45MM) is insane. But remember that in Feb. 1935 the Yanks actually released 39 year old Babe Ruth. Who had a better legacy or meant more to the franchise than the Babe? But time marches on and waits for no one. The Babe hit .288-22-84, OPS+ 160 in 1934 at age 39. Granted he played in 30-35 less games in 1934 than Derek did in 2010, and he was a power-hitting OF, not a sleek SS who still could steal 18—but Babe’s 1934 numbers do look a bit better than Derek’s 2010 numbers. Of course, we know what happened in 1935, when the Babe was completely kaput while with the Boston Braves, and retired.
  • In Bernie Williams’ final year, he went .281-12-61. Granted, power-hitting OF again. Bernie was 37, 38 at season’s end. OPS+ 96. Just 2 SB. Numbers similar to what Jeter put up this year. After showing signs of slippage, Bernie worked on just a $1.5MM contract in 2006, that final year, after making over $12MM in 2005. Bernie got invited to spring training in 2007 on a minor league deal. He didn’t come. He still hasn’t “officially” retired.
  • Granted, the Yanks won’t do to Derek what they did to Babe and Bernie. After all, Babe and Bernie had showed signs of decline over a couple of years (Babe 1932 to 1934, Bernie 2003-2006). But neither Babe or Bernie were working on long-term deals by that point. Jeter has showed serious decline just this past year. But “baffling” negotiations? There isn’t anything baffling about it. Old player so you don’t want many years, decline starting don’t want to commit too long, numbers going down so not worth as much. What’s “baffling about that?”

I know he has to say the right things and protect his client. But there isn’t anything “baffling” about the Yankees more-than-fair offer. What’s baffling is that greedy agents don’t get it. But then we saw this last year with the Damon situation, didn’t we?

Happy b/day to Stan Musial, NINETY yesterday (and thanks to my local paper for pointing it out)! A true treasure.

But the same paper suggests Phillies alternatives to Werth. Plan B is trading for Swisher. Sorry to rain on the parade, but the Plan B that the columnist has for the Phillies (trade for Swisher to replace the departing Werth) won’t come off, I don’t think. Sorry, but the Yankees are not after Carl Crawford (the Yanks getting him being the prereq for getting Swish). Their top target is Cliff Lee. There is no room or need for Crawford. If, somehow, the Yanks don’t get Lee, then maybe they target Crawford and try to trade an OF for pitching. But there isn’t any real decent pitching out there to trade for. Predictions? Yanks get Lee. Crawford to Angels. Werth to Boston. Maybe the Phils do the columnist’s  #1 alternative for replacing Werth—that is trade for Corey Hart of the Brewers. But maybe the columnist should contact me or other Yankees bloggers about the Yanks before she writes about them. The Yanks will keep their toes in the water to drive up the price on Crawford. But they aren’t interested in him unless they can’t get Lee. Your thoughts? But hey, the columnist covers the Phils. I really don’t think she knows the Yanks as well. 

But then, some columnists and reporters automatically tie the Yanks to everyone without looking into matters (need, what minor league prospects they have, budget [yes, they do have that]) and think they will throw money at everyone and everything. It’s like they refuse to think that Cashman may actually have a plan

Interesting show. T.O. and Ochocinco. I don’t know how the ratings are, but they better be better than the Bungles sorry 2-8 record.

Final AFL numbers of Yankee prospects:

Austin Romine 16 g. 61 AB. .279-0-7.
Manny Banuelos. 7 starts. 0-2, 3.60
Brandon Laird 27 g. 110 AB. 0236-4-22.
Craig Heyer 7 G. 3 starts. 1-2, 2.50
George Kontos. 10 g. All relief. 1-2, 12.08
Ryan Pope. 9 g. All relief. 0-1, 3.18
Jose Pirela 23 g. 89 AB. .180-1-5

You may want to read about Yankees prospects on milb.com.  But as you do, remember that Miranda has been traded to Arizona and Albaladejo was released so that he can sign in Japan.

New managerial signings recently. Hurdle to the Pirates, Terry Collins to the Mets.

Oh yeah, final thing for now. Rumors have the Yanks offering Lee $115-$120MM for five years. That’s $23-$24MM per.






Don’t count on Yanks going after Crawford, Werth.

Bargain shopping
Yes, even the Yankees need to save and bargain shop.

The Yanks have some money (notably Vazquez) coming off the books, but not a lot.

Unlike 2008, when Giambi, Pavano, Mussina and Abreu all coming off led to getting CC, AJ and Teix to replace them, there may be room for only one significant free agent push, and that would be for Cliff Lee.

Let’s bargain shop.  

Player A: .277-5-47   47 SB   2010 salary $452, 500.  2011 salary $500,000? In the Yankees’ control for a while. 2010 OPS+ 106. Award for best defensive LF.

Player B:  .307-19-90  47 SB, led league with 13 triples.  2010 salary $10M. 2011 $15-20M? OPS+ 134. A better player with more power, yes. But $15M a year better? Probably not. You’d pay a little more for player B over Player A, but $15M a year more?  

Player A is Gardner. Player B is Crawford. Yes, Crawford has more power. The SB was the same. Gardner had the higher OBP. Crawford the SA. Gardner .383/.379; Crawford .356/.495.

The Yanks may need the savings to afford Lee.

Player A. 2011 salary will be $9m. 2010 .288-29-89, OPS+ 130. 1 SB.

Player B. 2010 salary was 7.5M. Agent is Boras, who will definitely ask for more than $9M. Let’s not forget the Yanks don’t have a nice relationship with Boras. 2010 .296-27-85, OPS+ 145. Had 13 SB. Numbers very similar to player A, except for speed. Player B struck out 147 times and hit .139 w/ 2 outs and RISP. RISP overall .186. Player A struck out 139 times. Similar. Player A a switch-hitter, Player B a righty. With two out and RISP, Player A in 2010 hit .293. .287 with RISP overall. Player A had a tough postseason.

162 ga. averages. A: .252-29-88, 1 SB. 116 OPS+    B: .272-25-85, 16 SB. 121 OPS+.

You may give a slight edge to B, but B was terrible in the clutch in 2010. B didn’t have a great postseason (6 for 30) but did have 2 HR.    

Player A is Swish. Player B. Werth. Say Boras gets Werth $13M a year. Is he $4M a year better than Swish? Maybe a bit better (esp. SB and a bit with the BA, OPS+) but for the money, $9M for Swish in 2011 is a bargain compared to what Bora$$ will ask for Werth.

The Yanks save considerably more money with Gardner and Swisher. They can use that money towards signing Lee (as well as the money recouped by dumping Vazquez). So where else do you get more money but keep the payroll the same? After all, Girardi got a slight raise.

Could it be by cutting the salaries (slightly) of Jeter and Mo?

We’ll see. But as for cost-effectiveness, I think Crawford and Werth (despite Reggie’s connections to Werth) are off the table and the Yanks target Lee and Lee only. Of course the Yanks might put their toe in the water regarding Crawford and Werth in an effort to drive up the price, but I see Lee as the Yanks’ only target.

After that, maybe deals for pitching. There are trade chips (see the post on prospects from a few days ago).

I don’t want Adam Dunn. For people considering that, no way. $12M last year and looking for more now in free agency? You can save that money. He’s one-dimensional. Can’t play the field, clogs up the bases. You need DH for Posada to go to (as well as keep it open for Jeter and Alex; see my plan below), and if the Yanks do decide to go with Montero catching with Cervelli, with Posada Dh-ing, you save a ton of money by having the minimum wage 21 year old Montero, not the over $12M you’d have to pay Dunn.

Could Montero give the 35-40 HR, 100 RBI of Dunn? Probably not. You also would hope he would hit higher than .250 or .260 (which is about what Dunn would give) and strike out far less than the 190 or so times Dunn would.

I’d DH Jorge 90 games, 30 games each Jeter and Alex. That’s 150/162 (meaning Thames may be gone). 6 games each to Swish and Teix. There is 162, giving rest to guys.

You hope Nunez could stay sharp by playing those 30 games at SS and 30 at 3B while you “rest” the aging Jeter and Alex when they DH.

Posada can play the 6 games at 1B while Teix rests at DH. Whoever is your backup OF can fill in for Swish for those six games.

Posada can get 40 games catching. Cervelli maybe 40, and (maybe this is the Yanks’ plan)? Montero 80.     

Here again, you save millions.

Of course, you then want bang for the buck. But if you are going to get similar numbers from Player A, at considerably less cost than Player B, wouldn’t you take the less expensive option?

Getting Lee is one thing. Doing it while keeping the payroll the same is another. Even with their payroll, the Yanks do need to bargain-hunt.

Or raise the prices even more. We don’t want that.

We’ll see how it plays out. I could be wrong.

But for those thinking Crawford, Werth or Dunn, I don’t think so.