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WS Game 3. Muncy’s walkoff HR wins it for LA in 18th, 3-2.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

In a game that ended around 3:30 AM Eastern Time, the Dodgers won the longest WS game in history, 3-2 in 18 innings, on a Max Muncy walkoff HR off of Nathan Eovaldi to avoid an 0-3 deficit in games. Boston leads two games to one.

With the game going so long, teams will have to decide who starts Game 4 (see below), and players could be exhausted. Eovaldi threw 97 pitches of relief in Game 3.

Joc Pederson homered for the Dodgers in the third to put them up 1-0.

In the sixth, Manny Machado hit what he thought was a HR, showboated, and wound up with a long single instead of a double. So far this postseason, there is a lot NOT to like about a team potentially signing him as a free agent. So much talent, too many headaches. If the Yanks sign him, could they be getting another A-Rod, another person with so much talent and so many headaches?

Funny how Manny adores A-Rod, A-Rod is pushing for Machado and A-Rod despite his TV connections, is still a Yankees’ advisor. You wonder if A-Rod will bring Machado, and all his talent, but also all his problems, to the Bronx.

A-Rod redux. And just like A-Rod, a guy who wants to play one position, but is forced into another (although, with Didi’s injury, Machado may get to play the position he desires, at least temporarily, but then what? Where does Andujar go if Machado does wind up a Yankee?)

Dodgers’ starter Walker Buehler was brilliant.

But in the bottom of the eighth, Jackie Bradley tied it with a HR off of Kenley Jansen.

Cody Bellinger of the Dodgers pulled a rock, getting picked off of first in the bottom of the ninth. In the top of the tenth, he made up for it by throwing out a runner at the plate for an inning-ending DP.

Boston scored in the top of the 13th, but left the bases loaded. LA came back to tie it up with two out in the bottom of the 13th on an error, setting the stage for Muncy’s walkoff HR in the bottom of the 18th. Muncy had just missed winning it with a walkoff HR in the bottom of the 15th, as his long drive was just foul.

Wood the winner, Eovaldi the loser. As the NY Post’s Joel Sherman reports, the Dodgers didn’t use Rich Hill, and have him to start Game 4, but Boston used Price in relief, used up Eovaldi, and didn’t even use Drew Pomeranz who now may be forced to start Game 4. Who starts?

The Hank Aaron awards for league’s best hitters went to Christian Yelich of the Brewers and Boston’s J.D. Martinez.

And if you want a good chuckle, agent Scott Bora$$ says that Jacoby Ellsbury will be ready to go for the Yanks in 2019 spring training. What else did you expect Bora$$ to say? The guy is great at fleecing owners.

Yanks make more minor deals to set 40-man roster, get more $$ for Ohtani.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

The Yanks made more minor deals today to free up more 40-man roster space and also got a little more international money that they could put towards Shohei Ohtani.

In one deal, they dealt Ronald Herrera, 22, to the Rangers for pitching prospect Reivar Sanmartin. Herrera was 0-1, 6.00 in 2 games, 3 IP, for the Yanks this year. Sanmartin, 21, is a LHP who had a 2.45 ERA at A ball. If the Yanks lose Herrera in the Rule 5 draft they can lose him for nothing, and they wanted something back. They also had people they wanted to protect on the 40 man roster who they felt were better than Herrera.

In another deal, they dealt Garrett Cooper and Caleb Smith to the Marlins. Cooper, a 1B, played in 13 games for the Yanks this year, going .326-0-6, and Smith was 0-1, 7.71 in 9 games, 2 starts. They got some international bonus $, which they could use toward Ohtani, and pitching prospect Mike King, 22. King had a 3.14 ERA at low A.

As for Ohtani, MLB extended the posting deadline to reach an agreement with Japan 24 hours. It is expected that if Ohtani is posted, the Yanks would be the heavy favorite to land him.

If they do, then they probably wouldn’t need to re-sign CC or go after Alex Cobb. Peter Gammons thinks the Cubs and Yankees are the favorites for Cobb, but if the Yanks get Ohtani, then they don’t need Cobb or CC.

Cobb, 30, is 48-35 in his MLB career, all with Tampa Bay. ERA 3.50, ERA+ 111.

With the minor deals, the Yanks were able to add to the 40 man roster Gleyber Torres, Albert Abreu, Domingo Acevedo, Thairo Estrada, Billy McKinney and Jonathan Loaisiga. I am a bit surprised Chance Adams and Justus Sheffield aren’t on the 40 man. The additions of Abreu, Acevedo and Loaisiga over Adams and Sheffield surprise me.

Hideki Matsui joins Johnny Damon, Kerry Wood and Andruw Jones as newcomers on the HOF ballot who once played for the Yankees. I don’t expect any to make it this year. All may be close but no cigar.

Matsui presents a special case. Are they judging him by just his MLB career (175 HR) or by his Japanese and MLB careers (507 HR)?

Damon had over 2700 hits and over 400 SB in his career, Jones over 400 HR with 10 Gold Glove Awards.

They join Mussina and Clemens on the ballot.


Cubs go up 2-0. Dodgers/Washington rained out.

Yankee Stadium Frieze

The Washington/Dodgers Game 2 was rained out yesterday and will be played today. The Dodgers are up 1-0.

The Cubs beat the Giants 5-2 to go up 2-0 in the series and put the Giants on the brink of elimination.  Three of the Cubs five runs were driven in by pitchers, and Travis Wood hit the first postseason HR by a relief pitcher in the postseason since Rosy Ryan in Game 3 of the 1924 WS.

Game 40. Teix out again.

Well, we are nearing the quarter-pole. Teixeira is out again today. Hopefully it’s helping that ailment go away.

If you didn’t hear, Kerry Wood retired yesterday. He announced it before the game, faced a batter during the game, struck the batter out, and that was it. You may recall that Wood did a nice job in relief for the Yanks for a short time in 2010. A great young talent (who had a 20K one-hitter back in 1998), it’s too bad injuries kept him (and Prior) from realizing their full potential.

Yanks 21-18, 4th in A.L. East, 4 1/2 out. Even with their Pythagorean record. OPS+ 111, ERA+ 104.

They are 3 for their last 48 with RISP.

Cano DH today.

Jeter SS .360-5-15  2/3  144   3146 hits, six behind Waner
Granderson CF .263-13-23  1/3  142   Run, Curtis, Run!
Cano DH .310-4-16  1/1  125  Average getting there, now for the RBI
Rodriguez 3B .286-5-15  4/4  118  Only one HR since 4/27
Ibanez RF .255-8-24  2/2  127
Swisher 1B .252-7-26  0/0  116   slumping lately
Martin C .167-3-9  1/1  67  needs to get off the Interstate 
Wise LF 2 for 15, 1 sb
Nix 2B  Also 2 for 15, 1 HR, 2 RBI

RHP Ivan Nova 4-1, 5.44   ERA+ 78   hope that ankle is ok

Yanks bring Wade back.

The Yanks are bringing back Cory Wade, who can earn a bit over 1/2 a million if he stays with the Yanks for all of 2012.

Wade had a decent 2011 with the Yanks, going 6-1, 2.04 in 40 games (39 2/3 IP), ERA+ 218. He had 30 K and just 8 walks.

The Red Sox offered Jason Varitek a minor league deal. That sounds kind of like what the Yanks offered Bernie Williams around this time five years ago. Cue the Clash song for Varitek, “Should I Stay or Should I Go”. Go meaning, join Posada in retirement. (Rumor of deal denied by Boston’s GM).

D-Backs have interest in Colon (or as one wit on Twitter suggested, at this stage of his career, semi-Colon) ;

Rumors are that Oswalt’s asking price is down to $8M, Kuroda’s $10-11M, with Kuroda having interest in Boston or NY. Hmm. Now you have to multiply x 1.4 because of the luxury tax, but I’m all for Oswalt, 1 year at $8 million ($11.2 with cap). The question is… his back. Oswalt was 9-10, 3.69 for the Phils in 2011, ERA+ 105. He missed 10 starts or so. He is just 34. A one-year deal could be ok, but is he healthy? The year before, Oswalt split the year between Houston and Philly, and was 13-13 but with a 2.76 ERA (ERA+ 146), led the NL in whip, and finished 6th in the CYA voting.

Oswalt is 159-93, 3.21 in his career (ERA+ 133).

Kerry Wood back to the Cubs.


SI Sportspersons of the Year? Two college coaches

Coach K and Pat Summitt were named SI’s Sportspersons of the Year.

Baseball news: Betancourt to KC. Endy Chavez to the Orioles. Reed Johnson, Cubs. Izturis to Milw. Mijares to KC.

The Cubs traded Sean Marshall to Cincy for Travis Wood.

Thoughts before I retire to bed.

Interesting. We all make mistakes but one from ESPN. I goofed when I thought Feller’s Opening Day no-no was 1946. It was 1940. But I admit it and apologize.

ESPN twice has said that Feller K’d 15 in his MLB debut. Wrong. First MLB start, yes. But not his debut. I think Kurkjian was one who missed this one. He pitched in relief a few times before that start. I apologize. Do they? Are you kidding? Hey, I majored in Radio & TV Broadcasting. That is what scares me a bit. Never, never, never accept what the media gives you on face value. Research. Look it up yourself. Make sure what is right. Otherwise (and especially NOT with sports) you may easily be accepting propaganda, and (not to preach) that is dangerous.

Here is an example. Colin Cowherd (who I’ve often accused of spreading bulls**t) said that AJ’s troubles last year were based on divorce proceedings. AJ and his agent (who happens to be Braunecker, Lee’s agent) deny it. Granted we still don’t know why A.J. tanked or the reason for that black eye, but spreading reports on the Burnett marriage like that? Especially when there are children involved? What does Cowherd know about it? Even if true, I don’t feel that it’s an area Cowherd should delve into. Some privacy please?   

Ok. NFL. I see on ESPN a Bears’ player complaining about the conditions that may be for the game this weekend in Minnesota. Outdoors due to the Metrodome roof collapse. I shed crocodile tears. Worried about your footing? How about studying NFL history? Like the 1934 NFL Championship Game. Wear sneakers. Think this player knows about that game? Most likely not. He probably doesn’t know about the 1967 NFL Championship—the Ice Bowl.

Interesting to see the media battle it out. The Daily News states Yankees contact with Rafael Soriano, last year’s Rays’ closer who is now a free agent. The NY Post says no contact or just a dream since Soriano would want to close and would want closer $$$ to be a setup man. Cashman won’t go there. I believe the Post more than the News on this one. But it’s another example of what I wrote. Research! (Hey, anyone wanting to hire me, I’m available. NOT KIDDING. Check the link to contact me, shoot me an e-mail. Some media outlets really need a proofreading person and HERE I AM!)

Yanks close to Feliciano? See what I wrote earlier. Apparently they also talked to Fuentes. I can’t see them signing both but wouldn’t THAT be nice (apologies to Boone Logan, but…).

Washington trades Willingham to A’s. So A’s get Willingham and Matsui this week. Derrek Lee could be Nats’ bound to team with Werth and Zimmerman, but where is the lefty bat?

Jenks to Boston to setup Papelbon. Ouch. I do wonder now about Papelbon. Red Sox inquire about Rivera, now get Jenks. Could, heaven forbid, Papelbon wind up Mo’s replacement in a couple of years? It’s not like Beantown is showing him any love this offseason.

Yanks looking at Freddy Garcia? Sheesh. I’m hoping it’s as a possible replacement for Vazquez at #5 and not as the #2 or #3. Garcia turns 36 next summer. A mediocre 12-6, 4.64 this year for the White Sox. ERA+ 94. 5-10, 5.02 from 2007-2009.     

So who are the Yanks after for a utility man/righty bat? With Gardner (lefty), Granderson (lefty) and Swisher (switch), the Yanks are after a utility man who has a righty bat. Especially since Thames appears Japan-bound. Pena is a nice utility guy who can’t hit much, and even though I like Nunez’ potential, he is unproven and doesn’t have the pop. Rumors are the Yanks are looking at both Bill Hall and Jerry Hairston, Jr. With Hairston, they know what he’s like. He was there down the stretch in 2009 and throughout the postseason. Both he and Hall provide a person who can play 2B, 3B, SS and the OF. Hall has a bit more pop than Hairston.

Magglio back with the Tigers.  Wood to the Cubs.

As a PSU alum, I’m glad to see a dynasty possibly continue. Nope, not JoePa and PSU football, but PSU women’s volleyball. They had a long undefeated streak end earlier this year, but they will play for the national championship on Saturday night. Should they win, it would be their fourth consecutive title.

That’s it for now! Good night.   


Yankee trainers get honored.

After what long-time Yankee trainer Gene Monahan went through at the beginning of last year (health issues), it was nice to read this. He and assistant Steve Donahue were honored as baseball’s best trainers.

It looks like Kerry Wood is going back to the Cubs. Other relief options are off the board too, as Randy Choate goes to FLA, Jesse Crain to the Chisox. Meanwhile, the X-Man, Xavier Nady, lands in AZ. Lyle Overbay went to the ‘burgh (Pittsburgh).  


So who is Matt Diaz and why might the Yanks be interested?

I usually don’t like to respond to rumors unless I see it reported in a number of places.

For one thing, to verify that there is something behind it. For another, I’d like to make sure the rumor has some legs behind it. Some rumors are flat out ridiculous.

For another reason, to see (by research) if there could be something behind it. If the player is actually a fit, both player-wise and economically.

Recently there have been rumors about Matt Diaz and the Yanks. So what to make of them? For one thing, Marcus Thames could be Japan-bound. For another, a righty-hitting OF could be needed to give Granderson or Gardner a blow. 

Thames was never the greatest defensively. Replacing Gardy or Grandy defensively with Thames gave you the shivers. Diaz is a better option defensively. You sit Gardner or Granderson, play the other in CF and Diaz could play LF.

Diaz would be 33 at the start of the 2011 season. Not too old. The righty hitter has hit .327 in 2006 for the Braves, .338 in 2007 and .313 in 2009— all while being a platoon player. His OPS+ is 111. He is a .301 career hitter, working mostly from a platoon role.

He is affordable. Just $2.5M last year.

363 in LF, 80 in RF.

Career splits. .269 vs. righties (.710 OPS) but .335 vs. lefties (.907 OPS) . Basically, this guy could be Thames but providing better defense.

He may be a good pickup.      


  • Seven years is a “dealbreaker” for the Yankees, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, who suggests the team would offer six years (Twitter link). Newsday’s Ken Davidoff says the Yankees will likely offer a six-year deal.
  • The Yankees don’t plan to offer Lee a seven-year deal, according to Rosenthal (on Twitter). 
  • The Yankees will meet with Pedro Feliciano‘s representatives this week, according to Newsday’s Ken Davidoff. The Rockies have also expressed interest in the lefty, according to Troy Renck of the Denver Post (Twitter link).
  • The Yankees are interested in re-signing Kerry Wood, according to MLB.com’s Bryan Hoch (Twitter link). GM Brian Cashman says he isn’t interested in paying Wood “closer money.”
  • I am all for Feliciano, a Type-B if I am correct. I’d prefer Downs, but Downs is Type-A. No to Wood unless he (like Jeter) drinks the reality potion, accepts being a setup guy and is paid accordingly.

    Apparently the Yanks are still very interested in Russell Martin.

    J.J Putz goes to AZ. 

    Don’t expect these options to get picked up.

    From LoHud:

    Kerry Wood was terrific during his two and a half months in New York, and the Yankees have the option of bringing him back before he hits the free agent market, but that seems unlikely.

    The Yankees have contract options on three players:

    • Wood has an $11-million club option.
    • Lance Berkman has a $15-million club option.
    • Nick Johnson has a $5.75-million mutual option.

    It’s unlikely any of the options will be picked up.

    “They’re all pretty obvious,” Brian Cashman said. “I have to sit in the office and look at the numbers and stuff like that, but I think, probably, they’re all such large numbers that we wouldn’t be picking up options for anybody off the top of my head. But I have to sit down and go through it and talk to ownership. But my initial thought is they’re all pretty obvious.”

    Berkman wants to play everyday. It is not happening here with Teixeira at 1B, and the Yanks need DH to be rotated among Posada, Jeter and Alex (with Jeter and Alex, that may mean more playing time for Nunez?) Berkman probably wouldn’t want to DH all the time anyway, and he wasn’t worth $15M/yr with the season he just had.

    As for Wood, it would be nice to have him back as the 8th inning set-up guy, but those kinds of guys aren’t worth $11M.

    As for Nick Johnson and his medical problems? Forget it. You wonder who would take a chance on him. As I’ve stated before, it seems like Johnson was the model for the Operation board game.   

    Update, 10/27: The Yanks have indeed declined all three options.