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Yanks sign Hafner

It hasn’t been announced officially yet, but the Yankees have signed Travis Hafner, formerly of the Indians, to be their lefty-hitting DH.

Hafner still has a good bat….when he plays, that is. This could be a good move for the Yanks, if Hafner can stay healthy.

The problem is, Hafner hasn’t been healthy for a while. Hafner, who finished top-10 in the MVP voting in 2005 and 2006, hasn’t played the field since 2007 and only once since 2007 has played in 100 games in a season.

Last year, Hafner hit .228-12-34 in just 66 games. His OPS+ was 121. For his career, he is a .278 hitter with 201 HR and an OPS+ of 137.

From 2004-2007 he averaged .296-32-108, OPS+ 156. But that was so long ago.

Meanwhile, Earl Williams, a C-1B-3B for the Braves, Orioles, Expos and A’s in the 1970s died at the age of 64. He was the 1971 NL ROY when he hit 33 HR for Atlanta. He hit .247 in his career (1970-1977) with 138 HR. An average year for him would have been about .246-20-65, OPS+ 105.

I never got into the X games. The death yesterday of a snowmobiler is why. I mean, why? Why do somersaults at God knows what speed on a snowmobile? To me, the X games are just reckless.

I’ll be rooting for SF on Sunday. I can’t root for Ray Lewis.

Update: The Hafner deal is $2mm, 1 yr., + incentives. Hafner will turn 36 in June.