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Baseball passings and free agency

Pascual Perez was killed in an armed robbery at his home. Perez, 55, went 3-4, 2.87 in 17 starts for the Yankees in 1990-1991. For his career, he was 67-68, 3.44, ERA+ 110 from 1980-1985, 1987-1991 with the Pirates, Braves, Expos and Yankees. He had drug problems throughout his career. In the 1982 NLCS he was 0-1, 5.19. He won 15 in 1983 for the Braves (All-Star) and 14 the year after. His brother Melido pitched for the Yankees 1992-1995, going 33-39, 4.06 during that period.

Dave May, an OF with the Orioles, Brewers (twice), Braves, Rangers and Pirates from 1967-1978, died at the age of 68. He was once traded for Henry Aaron (when the Brewers traded for Aaron at the end of his career to return him to Milwaukee to DH). In 1973 May was an all-star with the Brewers (.303-25-93, 8th in MVP voting) and he hit .251 in his career.

OF/1B Champ Summers died at the age of 66. He hit .255 from 1974-1984 with the A’s, Cubs, Reds, Tigers, Giants and Padres. He last played for the 1984 pennant-winning Padres.

Free agents:

Rafael Soriano opted out of his contract. We’ll see if he returns. Meanwhile, it’s not certain whether Mariano Rivera is returning. He turns 43 at the end of this month and is coming off ACL surgery.

If Nick Swisher departs (free agent), there has been rumors of the Yanks possibly pursuing Torii Hunter on a one or two year deal as a stopgap until kids like Tyler Austin are ready. Hunter is 37.

Which creates a problem. Most of the Yankees free agents are old. Never mind Jeter and A-Rod both signed for next year (when they turn 39 and 38 midseason). You have Mo at 43. Pettitte will be 41 next year. Do you bring back Kuroda at 38? Ichiro at 39? Chavez at 35? Ibanez 41 next year and Jones 35 are old. What about them?

Martin is also a free agent. CC will be 33.

Of course I want the team to win. But there is no getting around the fact that the Yankees are getting long in the tooth. They need to get younger, and soon if not now. But how to gently get rid of legends like Mo, Pettitte and Jeter (I’m not suggesting dumping them, but one day the page has to be turned).

Of course, it doesn’t say much for your farm system if 40 year olds still outperform 25 year olds.