Bruney dealt to Nats. Andy looks to be returning. Herzog and Harvey to the Hall. Rumors and more rumors.

Brian Bruney was dealt to Washington by the Yankees today for a player to be named later, which, reports are, could be the Nats first pick in the Rule 5 draft. Bruney was 5-0, 3.92 for the Yanks this year (ERA+ 109). He spent four years with the Yankees (2006-2009), going 12-3 with one save. He gave up 2 ER in 1/3 of an inning this postseason and was 0-0, 3.38 in the 2006 postseason (2 2/3 IP)

Reports are that Andy Pettitte has decided to come back for the 2010 season. Now it’s a matter of getting a deal. Reports (Post) also are that Andy turned down a 1-year, $10M deal…but the Daily News says no. Rumors abound. It looks like Andy will be back. Just a case of getting a contract to be agreed upon.

In the kicking the tires category, apparently the Yanks are looking at Jason Marquis, 15-13, 4.04 (ERA+113) for Colorado this year. Marquis is 31. 94-83, 4.48 for his career. He won a WS ring with the 2006 Cardinals despite going 14-16, 6.02 that year and not pitching in the postseason. 162 g. average 12-11, 4.48, ERA+ 99. I’m not excited about him. He does have lots of postseason experience, despite not being used in 2006. 2001 Braves, 2004 and 2005 Cardinals, 2008 Cubs, and the Rockies this year. His postseason record is 0-2, 4.56.  

Whitey Herzog and Doug Harvey were named by the Veterans Committee to the HOF today. Herzog the player was a .257 hitting OF. Of course that’s not why Whitey is making the HOF. He’s making it as a manager. He had a .532 winning pct. (86-76 average) who managed Texas, the Angels, the Royals and the Cardinals. He’s mostly known for his work with the Missouri teams, guiding the Royals to the ALCS (and losses to the Yankees) in 1976, 1977 and 1978, then guiding the Cardinals to the WS title in 1982 and WS appearances in 1985 and 1987.

Harvey was a top umpire for 31 years.

Got to hand it to guys like Chad Jennings, etc. This time of year, winter meetings and all the rumors…they are hustling. 

MLB is reporting that Lackey wants a 6-yr. deal? Um. No. Apparently the Cards are close to a Brad Penny deal (11-9, 4.88 overall this year, didn’t work out for Boston). The Angels are looking at Bay. Rumors, rumors, rumors… until it’s confirmed, nothing but rumors, and of course everyone wants to be first with any big scoop.

But how many rumors become reality?

Speaking of rumors…Kelly to ND, Harbaugh?

Claussen is entering the NFL draft, and an ESPN report lists the Browns as interested. How interesting would a Claussen/Quinn QB battle be?  

More Tiger Woods women are coming out of the wood(s)work. Hmm…seems like 18-hole course means something entirely different to Tiger…





One response to “Bruney dealt to Nats. Andy looks to be returning. Herzog and Harvey to the Hall. Rumors and more rumors.

  1. Not too upset about Bruney. BUT rumor mill and this I really hope is a rumor three-way trade to get granderson where the Yanks give up Austin Jackon Phil Coke Ian Kennedy and Mike Dunn. Ok Coke is the only who has proven MLB time but all that for a 270 hitter. Granted he’s a defensive star but c’mon way to much just hope its hype.

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